Via Perugia 19, Torino

The artistic duo, thebackstudio, stands out for their multifaceted and
difficult-to-categorize production. Their creative approach thrives in a
borderland, eluding clear definitions and favoring an ambiguous aesthetic
that is clearly manifest yet remains incomprehensible in its

Within their production, elements of industrial construction combine
with hand-blown glass creations, give rise to seamless assemblages
that blend sculpture and functionality.

Inspired by figures such as Franz West, Donald Judd, Bruno Munari,
and Dan Flavin, thebackstudio adopts an eclectic approach drawing
from West’s experiments, Judd’s essentialism, Munari’s playfulness,
and Flavin’s use of light. The result is a unique visual language that escapes
conventional artistic categorizations, positioning itself in a gray
area between sculpture, conceptual art, and design.

What makes thebackstudio’s production unique is their ability to focus
on hidden details and reconsider common objects, creating unprecedented
connections between form and function. This approach is reflected
in their works, challenging pre-existing definitions and inviting
the audience to contemplate the relationship between aesthetics and

The inclination to avoid rigid definitions is emblematic of conceptual
art, where concept and context often take precedence over aesthetics.
thebackstudio encourages the viewer to meditate on the underlying
meaning of each work, fostering active participation and critical analysis.
Their “Installations” and artworks often require physical interaction,
involving the viewer as a crucial element of the work.

thebackstudio’s work is a fusion of diverse influences and
media, where industrial and artisanal elements converge to create
works that provoke reflection and challenge traditional boundaries,
engaging in a dialogue of contrasts, all within the context of innovation
and architectural transformation.